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Ashley has produced three short films and is currently in the works of producing her first feature film, Damage CTRL. Her films have been selected for several festivals including St Louis International Film Festival, Cinema Diverse, Tokyo Short International, and many more! She is also the co-owner of Handkerchief Films, indie production company in Chicago, IL. 


First(ish) Date 

Molly matched with Jess and they’ve been talking ever since. Texting, flirting, calling, venting. After weeks, they finally find a night to meet face to face. However, Molly is haunted by a persistent and horrifying figure: herself. Throughout the date she fends off the shameless apparition and basks in Jess’s calm. When a nostalgic video game strikes Jess’s nerve, Jess and Molly have to decide if they’re prepared to share their whole selves.

Firstish Date LAURELS.jpeg
DAY 2 SYNCED.00_14_46_01.Still012.jpg
Day 1 synced.01_11_09_08.Still016.jpg

Previous Films 

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